Episode: 1
Catalyzing Change: Conversation on Education Leadership and Governance | Shisir Khanal |
Episode 2
Women Empowerment: Policies, Practices, and Progress | Chandni Joshi
Episode 3
Unleashing Nepal's Digital Potential through Innovation, Leadership and Investment
Episode 4
From Policy to Practice: Strengthening Bureaucratic and Public Finance System in Federal Nepal
Episode 5
Harnessing Agricultural Prospects through Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Governance in Nepal
Episode 6
Leading Social Innovation for Equity and Excellence in Nepal's Education
Episode 7
Bolstering Public Governance for Inclusive Development of Nepal
Episode 8
Roots to Results : Bridging Diaspora and Development for an Enterprising Nepal
Episode 9
Sumana Shrestha | Rejuvenating Nepali Politics: Parliamentary Innovation & Citizen Engagement
Ep 10
Bureaucracy and Inclusion: A Conversation with Nepal's First Female Dalit CDO
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