Podspective By Daayitwa Abhiyan
By Daayitwa Abhiyaan

Podspective, an initiative of Daayitwa Abhiyaan and compassing of Daayitwa, Governance Lab, Nepal leadership Academy and Nepal Rising. This podcast series delves into values carried by these organizations and discusses themes of governance, leadership and innovation with the aim to promote Sustainable Economic Development in Nepal and Evidence based Policy Research.

Episode 13
Harnessing Innovation to Transform Nepal's Bureaucracy
Episode 12
Strengthening Women’s Economic Leadership
Episode 11
From Barefoot Research to Public Policy: Promoting an Inclusive Governance System
Episode 10
Bureaucracy and Inclusion: A Conversation with Nepal's First Female Dalit CDO
Episode 9
Sumana Shrestha | Rejuvenating Nepali Politics: Parliamentary Innovation & Citizen Engagement
Episode 8
Roots to Results : Bridging Diaspora and Development for an Enterprising Nepal
Episode 7
Bolstering Public Governance for Inclusive Development of Nepal
Episode 6
Leading Social Innovation for Equity and Excellence in Nepal's Education
Episode 5
Harnessing Agricultural Prospects through Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Governance in Nepal
Episode 4
From Policy to Practice: Strengthening Bureaucratic and Public Finance System in Federal Nepal
Episode 3
Unleashing Nepal's Digital Potential through Innovation, Leadership and Investment
Episode 2
Women Empowerment: Policies, Practices, and Progress | Chandni Joshi
Episode: 1
Catalyzing Change: Conversation on Education Leadership and Governance | Shisir Khanal |
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