Daayitwa Abhiyaan
Daayitwa Abhiyaan
A youth-led movement for an enterprising Nepal where every individual has opportunities for a prosperous future.

The Abhiyaan comprises four institutions, inspired by the shared values of innovation, collaboration, and service and guided by the shared principles of social justice, impact sustainability, and community empowerment. It promotes inclusive and equitable economic growth by accelerating grassroots innovations, strengthening government institutions, and vitalizing a virtuous cycle of grassroots-government collaboration.


Daayitwa - The Nepal-based NGO promotes domestic youth employment by enabling rural enterprises to create jobs and the government to make evidence-based policy decisions.

The Rural Enterprise Acceleration Program (REAP) identifies growth-oriented rural women and youth entrepreneurs, capacitates them to exploit local innovations, connects enterprises with financial institutions and bolsters the municipal enterprise ecosystem. The Public Service Fellowship Program identifies service-minded talented youth, capacitates them to conduct policy research, connects their policy recommendations with government actions and builds an evidence-based policy ecosystem.

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Governance Lab - The Nepal-based research firm enables the government to make evidence-based policy decisions by conducting policy research, strengthening policy implementation capacity and fortifying research and governance ecosystems.

Through the Leadership for Economic Governance Program, it enables local governments to dissect economic growth challenges, learn leadership and management skills and execute team-based public innovation pilots. In partnership with Inclusion Economics at Yale University and researchers at the London School of Economics, it seeks to understand how policy and development programming can support the objectives of inclusive political and economic growth in the context of Nepal’s recent federal transition.

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Governance Lab
Nepal Leadership Academy

Nepal Leadership Academy - The Nepal-based non-profit firm builds leadership capacity in change-agents so they can architect effective policy, business and civic innovations that tackle the most grueling adaptive challenges in the society.

NLA conducts research, develops curricula, and provides in-practice leadership coaching. Utilizing a leadership framework, co-developed at Harvard Center for Public Leadership by the NLA Executive Coach, the courses underscore two key leadership theories - adaptive leadership and community organizing and four key leadership principles - listening to oneself, empathizing with others, analyzing adaptive issues and doing collaborative work.

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Nepal Rising - The US-based non-profit engages and empowers Nepali diaspora in the US to act as change-agents and strengthens glocal collaborations to promote socio-economic development of Nepal.

It has organized fund-raising campaigns, such as Walk for Nepal, to grow leadership capacity in diasporic youth, raise funds for non-profit organizations in Nepal and build a culture of civic collaboration and practical philanthropy among Nepalis worldwide.

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Nepal Rising